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Corporate Responsibility

In a Nutshell

SHANY is committed to providing our #SHANYnation with budget-friendly cosmetics that don’t come at the cost of our principles, our people, or our planet. We conduct all business in a legal, responsible, and ethical manner, which is why we expect our suppliers, partners, and vendors to do so, as well.

Principles: Production and Supply Chain

SHANY provides a Supplier Code of Conduct that must be followed and implemented by all our manufacturers. This supplier code includes, but is not limited to, the following non-negotiables:

  • Suppliers must provide adequate working conditions for all their employees/contractors
  • Suppliers must not engage in the use of involuntary of forced human labor or child labor
  • Suppliers must refrain from any employee harassment and other forms of laboral abuse
  • Suppliers must disclose their efforts to eradicate human trafficking and slavery at all levels of their supply chain, including direct and in-direct manufacturing.

To ensure the enforcement of the above, SHANY has and will continue to communicate the provisions of the code of conduct to all suppliers. Additionally, SHANY currently audits existing suppliers with quarterly check-ins, annual factory examinations, and independent product-specific QA/QC reports.

People: Our Team and Giving Back

SHANY provides its employees with safe and diverse workplaces, comprehensive compensation, and a plethora of opportunities for career development. Some of the team SHANY perks include the following:

  • Use of the Silicon Valley-inspired headquarters that serves as the brand’s main hub
  • Welcoming open-office concept that encourages mobile teamwork and innovation
  • Competitive salaries and flexible vacation packages for out-of-office R&R
  • Direct access to the CEO, who operates with an open-door policy
  • Functional training and development across all functions and departments
  • Opportunity to participate in yearly company survey and make suggestions

Team SHANY strives to give back to the world in the best way we know how – through the gift of makeup. That’s why we partner with nonprofit organizations and extraordinary individuals to provide donations year-round. Some of the groups and organizations we’ve worked with include:

  • The Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Friends of Joey Foundation
  • Houston Food Bank
  • The Women’s Home
  • Talia’s Legacy

Planet: Green and Cruelty-free

SHANY’s operations strive to be fully environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Because the brand employs dozens of dog moms and plant dads, we pride ourselves in the following eco efforts:
  • Being one of the first PETA-certified beauty brands
  • Producing cosmetics that are 100% cruelty-free  
  • Launching select vegan cosmetics and faux leatherettes
  • Developing select packaging made with recycled materials  
  • Company-wide water and energy conservation efforts
  • Limiting unnecessary packaging and reducing waste