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Welcome to the SHANYnation 

At SHANY, we believe that everyone deserves to get that exclusive, fresh off the runway look – one that’s made with the highest quality ingredients and industry practices, but at a fraction of the cost.

Super pigmented and richly formulated, our versatile products are a rarity in the cosmetics industry because, unlike other brands, they can be used by makeup professionals and beauty beginners alike.

From compact primers and on-the-go palettes to convertible kits and larger-than-life makeup cases, we carry a full consumer basket of 500+ products in almost every beauty category you can think of.   
SHANY is available worldwide through our e-commerce site, top online marketplaces, and brick and mortar distributors. We also provide private label cosmetics for national brands, beauty schools, and makeup professionals.

Company Herstory

The SHANY brand was created in 2006 by a college student who was enthusiastic about makeup but didn’t agree with the steep price of high-quality cosmetics. This view, combined with the emergence of e-commerce marketplaces, drove her to launch her own brand of wallet-friendly makeup. With the help of her boyfriend (now husband), SHANY Cosmetics was born.

Through the next decade, the Houston-based e-commerce brand evolved from a passion project in their garage to a medium-size company with a large headquarters in Stafford, TX. Most notably, it dropped the word “Cosmetics” from its name to reflect an ever-growing portfolio of beauty products.

Today, SHANY is an internationally recognized name in both the beauty and e-commerce industries. SHANY offers variety of services such as Private label cosmetics and beauty tools design. SHANY products are designed in U.S.A and manufactured in U.S.A , PRC and Korea. 


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