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SHANY Dream Team Lip Palette - 25 Cream Lipsticks with 11 Bold Colors, 8 Classic Shades, and 6 Nude Tones with a Matte Finish - SHOP  - LIP SETS - ITEM# SH-LP0025-A
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SHANY Vegan Vibes Only Matte Liquid Lipstick Set - 12 Long-Lasting Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Nude, Classic, and Bold Shades - SHOP  - LIP SETS - ITEM# SH-0012LP-M1
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SHANY CHUNKY MAKEUP PENS: Long-lasting lip pencils come in shades that are sweat-resistant, heat-resistant & water resistant. Hypoallergenic matte and shimmer shades. Use them as Eyeshadow pen, lipstick, eyeliner and more. - SHOP  - LIP LINERS - ITEM# SH-P003-LIP-PARENT
SHANY Loving Coral Lipstick Set - Long-Lasting and Moisturizing, Classic and Vibrant Lip Shades  - 10 Varying Lip Colors - SHOP  - LIP SETS - ITEM# SH-0010LP-D
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SHANY (Not So) Sweet Sixteen Creme Lipstick Set - Smooth, Highly Pigmented Lip Shades for All Day Wear - 16 Varying Colors - SHOP  - LIP SETS - ITEM# SH-0016LP
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